čtvrtek 23. října 2014

jOpenSpace 2014

The best pure Czech not-only-Java conference jOpenSpace is over for this year and I'd like to write few words about it.

First of all, big thanks goes to Honza @novoj Novotný as the main organizer. This awesome event under his supervision become not only interesting from the technical PoV, but also very socializing (We were a nice Java family).

Next thanks goes to all sponsors, who made jOpenSpace comfortable and cheap as a hell:
  • Red Hat
  • Vendavo
  • MoroSystems
  • FG Forrest
  • Kerio
  • ABRA FlexiBee


We started the conference with a free day! The main program for Friday was a trip to Slovakia - to climb the Velka Javorina. Rainy weather was very demanding. Nevertheless, no one gave up! Hotel sauna was a nice end of a day and it was already fulfilled with interesting Java topics.


Few of us started the day with a nice 9km run. The weather was beautiful and hills around colorful. First lightning talks started after the breakfast and continued during whole day. Hands-on labs started later in the afternoon. However, I didn't join the labs and I visited the holy city MyJava in Slovakia instead. Tasting Moravian wines in a wine cellar finished this long day.


Few of us started the day with a hard 9km run. The night was too short. Lightning talks continued during the morning and we finished at lunch time. Finally we made a group photo and said goodbye to this unforgettable event.

The topics

You'll find most of the lightning talks (slides+audio) on jOpenSpace web during November. The area covered was very wide:
  • hardware - Quadcopters, Sparki robot, Raspbery PI
  • soft-skills & interesting books - Thinker's Toolkit
  • databases - MUMPS, Hazelcast
  • testing - SmartMeter, COllaborative Editor testing
  • tools - Code review with Atlassian, Future of Markdown
  • and many other interesting topics (E.g. the truth about drug manufacturers)
My presentation was about Java Security Manager and pro-grade library. The slides are online.
Few photos from my phone is in G+ album.