středa 7. září 2016

Clean-up blobs in Azure storage account with Azure CLI

If you realize at some point of your bright Azure future you don't remove VM disks correctly (like me in JCLOUDS-1170) you'll probably want to do a storage account clean up. Here is, how I did it on my linux desktop using Azure CLI.

As I wanted to keep some private OS images which were located in the storage account too, I moved them first into a newly created storage container.

# Prerequisities
  • installed azure-cli (I personally use the latest docker image microsoft/azure-cli with the tool)
  • installed jq tool for parsing JSON

# Set up


# Move/backup OS images to a new container

# create new storage container for OS image blobs
azure storage container create -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" os-images

# linux images to be kept
for IMG in eap-7-rhel-7.2 eap-7-rhel-7.2-service; do
ORIG_BLOB=$(azure vm image show --json $IMG | jq -Mr '.mediaLinkUri')
echo "Original blob URL: $ORIG_BLOB"
# delete image, but keep the blob in storage account
azure vm image delete $IMG
# copy the blob to a new container and create image from it
azure vm image create --blob-url https://$$IMG.vhd --os linux --source-key "$STORAGE_KEY" $IMG $ORIG_BLOB

# Remove containers (with blobs)

# list container names (without the newly created one) to be removed
azure storage container list -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" --json | jq -rM '.[] | .name' |grep -v os-images > /tmp/containers.txt

# for each container remove all blobs in it and then remove container
for CONTAINER in `cat /tmp/containers.txt`; do
azure storage blob list -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" --json $CONTAINER | jq -rM '.[] | .name' > /tmp/vhds.txt
for BLOB in `cat /tmp/vhds.txt`; do
echo "Removing $BLOB"
# let's try to breake blob lease (if there exists one), otherwise we'll not be able to remove it
azure storage blob lease break -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" $CONTAINER $BLOB
# remove blob
azure storage blob delete -q -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" $CONTAINER $BLOB
# let's try to breake container lease (if there exists one), otherwise we'll not be able to remove it
azure storage container lease break -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" $CONTAINER
# remove storage container
azure storage container delete -q -a $STORAGE_ACCOUNT -k "$STORAGE_KEY" $CONTAINER