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Playing live demos on Linux

I like live demos during presentations. When they work and don't take too much time. And I don't like when the presenter types too much. So I've created the demo-step script . History I've tried to find a way how to "play" live demos (on Linux) in a natural way. First I've found solution by putting keyboard shortcuts into the ~/.inputrc configuration file ( example here ). The disadvantage is, you have to remember, what's the next shortcut. I'm not so good in remembering shortcuts, so I've created simpler solution by utilizing xdotool Linux application ( xdotool home ). Sample usage You can find sample presentation with uses the demo-step on my GitHub. You just need to put the live demo commands into the ~/demo.commands text file and then play them by running demo-step after pressing a keyboard shortcut. Sample content of the ~/demo.commands : #\n# search images in Docker public registry (Docker hub)\ndocker search wil