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jOpenSpace 2014

The best pure Czech not-only-Java conference jOpenSpace is over for this year and I'd like to write few words about it. First of all, big thanks goes to Honza @novoj Novotný as the main organizer. This awesome event under his supervision become not only interesting from the technical PoV, but also very socializing (We were a nice Java family). Next thanks goes to all sponsors, who made jOpenSpace comfortable and cheap as a hell: Red Hat Vendavo MoroSystems FG Forrest Kerio ABRA FlexiBee Friday We started the conference with a free day! The main program for Friday was a trip to Slovakia - to climb the Velka Javorina. Rainy weather was very demanding. Nevertheless, no one gave up! Hotel sauna was a nice end of a day and it was already fulfilled with interesting Java topics. Saturday Few of us started the day with a nice 9km run. The weather was beautiful and hills around colorful. First lightning talks started after the breakfast and continued during whole day.

Speed-up ApacheDS LDAP server for testing

Using the ApacheDS for unit testing can be painful if you need to restart/reconfigure the server several times. IT'S SOOO SLOOOOW. The reason is simple. The default configuration creates a nice directory structure and unpacks all the schema files from JAR file to one of the created directories. Then it creates a file based JDBM partition for you. And it loads your LDIF data to it. It means many, money, many I/O operations even before the LDAP starts. Nevertheless, ApacheDS has a nice API to resolve this issue. You will need to make your hands dirty little bit, but it's worth it. Follow these 3 simple steps and it's all: Create schema partition class, which stores LDAP schema data in-memory only: sample InMemorySchemaPartition.java Create DirectoryServiceFactory implementation, which will use in-memory AvlPartitions instead of JDBM and as a schema partition it will use class from the first step: sample InMemoryDirectoryServiceFactory.java use the new Director

Debug security in WildFly 8.x / EAP 6.x / JBoss AS7

If you try to find what are the security components doing in WildFly 8.x (or EAP 6.x + AS7) then enable TRACE log level for several categories. You can simply use JBoss CLI to configure it: cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin ./jboss-cli.sh -c << EOT /subsystem=logging/logger=org.jboss.security:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/logger=org.jboss.as.security:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/logger=org.picketbox:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/logger=org.apache.catalina.authenticator:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/logger=org.jboss.as.web.security:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/logger=org.jboss.as.domain.management.security:add(level=ALL) /subsystem=logging/console-handler=CONSOLE:write-attribute(name=level, value=ALL) quit EOT If you don't use $JBOSS_HOME environment variable, just replace it with path to your application server installation.