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Create your own SSH-able Windows image with JBoss EAP on Azure

This entry describes one of possible ways how to create SSH-able Windows image with JBoss EAP 7 installed on MS Azure cloud (classic VM mode - asm). It's written mostly as commands with some comments - use your imagination (or a boring documentation), when you're not sure what does it do. If you use these step, then do it carefully - it disables the firewall for instance! Don't forget to change the USER_PASSWORD value! # Prerequisites # Azure CLI - install and configure classic mode # install either Azure CLI for your system or use Docker image provided by Microsoft # sample script for the Docker version: https://gist.github.com/kwart/ffd6dc34bb8d5e297bc34ce10764bfe6 # login and configure classic mode azure login azure config mode asm # Create Azure storage account (with container for the image) # Create VM from public Windows image # name of virtual machine used to prepare new OS image export AZURE_HOST=eap7-prepare # target image name export

Ubuntu (Mate 16.04) - disable WiFi when ethernet cable is plugged in

Use following script to create rule, which disables wifi if the ethernet cable connection is up. The solution is based on this stackoverflow article . sudo cat > /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d//99-disable-wifi-if-not-needed <<EOT #!/bin/bash if [ "$1" = "enp0s25" ]; then case "$2" in up) nmcli radio wifi off ;; down) nmcli radio wifi on ;; esac fi Replace the enp0s25 with the correct "cable" interface if needed.